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Rhode Island Surf Conditions

Second Beach

Skill Level: Beginner/intermediate to advanced.
Wave Type: Beach break.
Best Swell Direction: SSW
Best Wind Direction: NE to WNW
Best Tide: Mid tide.
Swell Direction Range: SE to SW.
Surfable Break Size: Thigh plus.
Bottom Type: Sand some rocks on the West end of the beach.

Comments: A nice beach break right in Middleton (right next to Newport). Doesn't handle really big surf well. Gets crowded when weather is nice. While this spot is rated "for everyone", the summer crowds can be so dense that it might be a tough spot to learn at.
Hazards: Massive amounts of red algae in the summer turn the sea into a red smelly soup. Don't know if its a health hazard. But your surf widow/widower's reaction might be to try to leave you on the beach, to walk home.
Localism: Close to none, though crowds can make for tense exchanges.
Directions: 684 Paradise Ave., Newport, RI.
Parking: The parking lot right in front of the beach, which is ~$20 on the weekends.

First Beach

Skill Level: For everyone.
Wave Type: Beach Break.
Best Swell Direction: SE.
Best Wind Direction: NE to NW.
Best Tide: None.
Swell Direction Range: SE to S
Surfable Break Size: Waist plus.
Bottom Type: Sand.

Comments: First beach is a large beach break that sometimes gets waves, but they are usually smaller and more closed out than second beach.
Hazards: Summer crowds, on the beach.
Localism: Close to none.
Directions: 160 Memorial Blvd., Newport, RI.
Parking: A large parking lot on the west side of the beach, which is ~$20 on the weekends.


+4 #1 ABC 2012-03-10 06:30

Why... after 40 years of fighting against water pollution, would the RI DEM ignore Federal regulations and try to change part of the "Clean Water Act", a law that states you cannot shoot ammunition and other pollutants (including lead, steel, plastic, etc) into the water?

Why... would the DEM choose to disregard all the scientific research that shows exactly how harmful these pollutants are on so many levels? Does the DEM have some new evidence that proves this pollution is GOOD for the environment??

Why… would they want to allow the debris of skeet shooting to fall into our water?

Why... would anyone think they have a right to contaminate the treasured and beautiful waters of RI?

Why… would they risk endangering our states most powerful resource, knowing that our coastline and water ways are a major factor in local tourism and the state economy?

Why… would they overlook that fact that shooting into the water endangers the thousands of people who enjoy recreational use of our public water ways?

Why… would DEM want to support water pollution, when their job is to prevent it?

We don't know. We can only suspect it is the product of arrogance and pressure coming from a
very small, well healed interest group that think they should be allowed to do as they please at
the expense of public safety and the environment. Skeet shooting is presently NOT ILLEGAL in Rhode Island, but the dumping of waste materials into the ocean is. The proposed changes would not only allow someone to shoot over public water space, but also leave harmful pollution from debris and ammunition behind, in the process endangering our environment, local economy, and public safety.

If this regulation is changed:

Anyone or any group will have the right to apply for a permit to stand on their shore line, back yard,
pier, or even a boat in the harbor and shoot their shotguns into any waters (including fresh water) in the State of Rhode Island. This change to the Clean Water Act would make Rhode Island the only State where this type of reckless pollution would be permitted. It is fitting that the only state to support water pollution would be "The OCEAN STATE". What a great selling point for… come to Rhode Island where dumping garbage into our waters is OK.

Please join the fight to end this madness!


Call: Janet Coit Director of the Office of Water Resources...401-222-2771

Call Lisa McGreavy Office of Water Resources 401-222-4700 ext-7611
Write :

Call: Governor Chafee 401-222-2080

But the Best Way To OBJECT would be to show your support:
Room 300, The Foundry nuilding at 235 Promenade St., Providence, RI
at 4:00 pm on March 12, 2012.

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