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Cape Cape Breaks

Skill Level: From beginner to advanced (depending on location and surf size).
Wave Type: Beach Breaks with Sand Bars.
Best Swell Direction: NE to SE depending on sand bars.
Best Wind Direction: WNW to SW
Best Tide: Low to mid tide mostly but it depends on the spot...
Swell Direction Range: N to S
Surfable Break Size: Knee plus
Bottom Type: Sand

Comments: The Cape is consistently bigger and more powerful than many New England spots, the only exception being on swells with a lot of south in them (SSE to WSW). The spots listed below are good places to start your search for the best Cape waves. Which spots are best will depend on the constantly shifting sandbars (spots that are good one day may suck after a big swell or storm). During the summer many of the beaches listed get crowded and charge for parking so you may want to explore.

Hazards: Very strong currents when the surf is big
Localism: Close to none.
Parking: Beach lots

Cape Cod Beaches


+1 #2 Ak 2014-08-08 16:48
heading in from Toronto. Tnx for the report
+1 #1 Murali Sastry 2013-04-16 20:16
Hey dude,

Thanks for hooking me up with your website. Keep in touch...

Murali (we met in Stop n Shop)

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