Eric Anderson: N.E.Surf Ambassador

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Eric Anderson There are some New England surfers that just plain live for big, gnarly cold water surfing...and that's Eric.  He is one of those "hardcore" surfers that would rather surf with pine trees than coconuts.

During the summer months you might see Eric longboarding his local breaks on Cape Cod. But when the surf gets big and monstrous, you will find him searching all over New England to charge some slab or big wave. He's that crusty guy who comes out of hibernation when the waves get big.

I usually start seeing more of Eric around September, when he comes into my shop to gear up with round pin step up boards for double-overhead barrels and to stock up on multiple 5mm suits for mid winter surf sessions.

I once asked him if he had plans to go away for the winter.  His reply: "Why would I leave New England in the middle of our surf season?  We wait all year for our back yard to fire! All these guys spend thousands of dollars to go to Indo and other warm places and surf with a thousand dudes. I stay home, get a day of work in, and make some money. Then I get barreled off my ass in bigger, gnarlier waves with no one around, and then go home to my warm wood stove."

Eric is the guy I call when I want to find a friend to go charge 20 degree double-overhead barrels. If it's closing out, he will still go out just to see what his body can handle.

I would say he is kinda nuts, but if you've ever seen him surf these conditions, can tell he feels right at home.

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