Saturday May 26, 2001 - Many of New Hamphire’s surfers received Cinnamon Rainbow’s “Big News” postcard. In its words:

“After 17 years we are expanding and MOVING the shop to the front of our building. As Saturday May 26 we will be located at the old convenience store location. We are very excited to have much more room and be closer to the beach. Thanks for helping us grow. Please join us for our grand opening on Memorial Day.”

So I decided to check out what all the fuss was about...

For those that decided to make it a full day’s trip it wasn’t much of a surf day. That didn’t stop quite a few people from being out at The Wall. At least the weather was great!

People were rushing to see the new store. Maybe they were running in to check if the onshore winds were going to die down.

Dave Cropper’s Black Cat is now prominently displayed in the store...

......and there is room for all the product and customers too (imagine that!). There is even room to just hang out! (Yes, that is The Weather Channel running in the background, another TV was running classic surf videos).


And this is just the beginning.

Dave Cropper was hammering out last minute details over the phone as well as telling friends and customers about the live music they were going to have a 3 PM. I unfortunately had to miss the party and music mayhem, but heard that it was awesome... Dave also wishes everyone to know that there are more great events at Cinnamon Rainbows over the next month:

  • On Monday afternoon, June 11th, Rusty team members Flea Vitrosko (two times Mavericks champ), Mark Healy and Adam Wickwire will be at the store.

  • On Saturday June 16th world class Bryne surfboard shaper Michael Baron will be in for a shaping demo. Present will also be members of the Bryne team riders, so hope for waves.

  • On June 16th there will also be a surfing contest at 10th Street at The Wall: the New Hampshire Open Surfing Titles. (ESA - NE).

Making Shane’s shaping booth his home.

Shane’s new shaping booth. Aka “The Fish Bowl.”

J.C. and Dave Cropper say “Aloha” and remind you to come to the store for the upcoming events on June 11th and June 16th.

The new address:

Cinnamon Rainbows
931 Ocean Blvd.
North Beach
Hampton, NH 03842
(603) 929 SHOP
(603) 926 REPORT
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