South New England District competitors blasted through three events during the past two weeks, and there was surf for all of them. The weather held out for all three contests, with hot summer skies and glassy waist high surf. The summer season kicked off with round #1 at 2nd Beach with some of that famous seaweed in the line-up. Waves broke outside and surfers could work the reforms into the beach for some big points. The outstanding performance went to Narragansett’s Noah Gartner, who was unstoppable in both the short and longboard events. Noah pulled off some great acrobatic nose rides to top the rest of the field in the highly competitive Menehune Longboard division. He managed to pick off the best-formed right peak in the Open Shortboard final, to top his sister for the win.

Charlotte Robbin7-25-15
Charlotte Robbin

Round #2 offered the same clean and ridable conditions, with seaweed free waves for the entire day. It was the diminutive Braydon Bennett who dazzled the judges with his uncanny wave selection and ability to work the inside sections. Braydon won three events, taking the Menehune Longboard, Menehune, and Menehune Bodyboard finals with ease.

Braydon Bennett1st place Menehunes 72515
Braydon Bennett

The Ozone Classic returned to life on Nantucket, the following day, with clean waist high surf. It was the Barend Family putting on another outstanding performance. Maria won the Girls Shortboard, while her mother, Ana captured the Women’s Shortboard title and finished 2nd in the Women’s Longboard final. Chuck won the Men’s Longboard division and finished 5th in the Open Shortboard event. Finally, it was Ed Barend taking 3rd place in the Junior Longboard final.

Noah Gartner7-25-15
Noah Gartner

The next ESA event will again take place at Middletown’s Second Beach, on August 8th. Summer Series Round #3 will feature a new batch of trophies and hopefully some solid waist high surf. Sign-ups are from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM and you must be an ESA member to participate. New members can join on the beach.

Rigby Bennett7-25-15
Rigby Bennett

ESA Summer Contest Series Round #1

2nd Beach, Middletown, R.I. 7/11/15, in 2-3 foot glassy surf

Menehunes-1.Paige Hedde 2.Haley Marsden 3.Noah Gartner 4.Cade Marsden 5.Phoebe Hedde

Boys 13 and Under-1.Jayden Parry 2.Josh Hedde

Boys 15 and Under-1.Joe Doherty Jr. 2.Joe Hedde

Girls 13 and Under-1.Lily Gartner

Girls 15 and Under-1.Marinna Meyer

Masters-1.Chris Herbert

Senior Men-1.Kevin Roy 2.Ron Belanger 3.Andrew Marsden

Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan 2.Kitty Pechet

Open Shortboard-1.Noah Gartner 2.Lily Gartner 3.Jayden Parry 4.Chris Herbert

Menehune Longboard-1.Noah Gartner 2.Josh Hedde 3.Lily Gartner 4.Paige Hedde 5.Jayden Parry 6.Marianna Meyer 7.Haley Marsden 8.Cade Marsden 9.Phoebe Hedde

Junior Longboard-1.Joe Hedde 2.Joe Doherty Jr.

Master Longboard-1.Andrew Marsden 2.Ron Belanger 3.Kevin Roy

Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan 2.Kitty Pechet

Open SUP-1.Peter Pan 2.Jack Egan Open Bodyboard-1.Peter Pan


ESA Summer Contest Series Round #2

2nd Beach, Middletown, R.I. 7/25/15 in 2-3 foot glassy surf

Menehunes-1.Braydon Bennett 2.Noah Gartner 3.Jim Robbin 4.Chase Barclay

Boys 13 and Under-1.Jayden Parry

Boys 15 and Under-1.Ben Lyman

Girls 13 and Under-1.Lily Gartner 2.Maria Barend 3.Charlotte Robbin

Men-1.Jamie Kelly Masters-1.Chris Herbert

Senior Men-1.Ron Belanger 2.Paul Bennett

Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan Senior

Women-1.Ana Barend

Open Shortboard-1.Jamie Kelly 2.Noah Gartner 3.Maria Barend 4.Lily Gartner 5.Jim Robbin 6.Ron Belanger 7.Jayden Parry 8.Ben Lyman 9.Rigby Bennett 10.Charlotte Robbin

Menehune Longboard-1.Braydon Bennett 2.Maria Barend 3.Noah Gartner 4.Jim Robbin 5.Charlotte Robbin 6.Lily Gartner 7.Chase Barclay

Junior Longboard-1.Rigby Bennett Men

Longboard-1.Jamie Kelly 2.Chris Herbert

Master Longboard-1.Paul Bennett 2.Ron Belanger

Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan

Senior Women Longboard-1.Ana Barend

Open SUP-1.Peter Pan Menehune

Bodyboard-1.Braydon Bennett Open Bodyboard-1.Peter Pan

Braydon on the tip7-25-15
Braydon Bennett On the Tip


Local Surfers Excel At Regional Championships

The forecast was for flat surf, and when Northeast Competition Director, Joe Grottola drove by the beach on the way to the contest, there was not a swell in sight. “As I headed to the contest site, there was not a ripple to be had,” said Joe. “I was concerned about what we were going to do.” Fortunately, as the tide began to recede, two and three foot, glassy waves began to break, and the contest began on time. “It was a miracle, but we got ridable surf for the entire event, and it really got good on the final day,” said Joe.

This was the 3rd time that the Eastern Surfing Association Northeast Surf-Offs were held in Belmar, New Jersey, and the 3rd time there were waves. Over 200 of the top competitors from New York, New Jersey, New England, and the Great Lakes attended.

For the first two days of the contest, surf ranged from knee to waist high and went from glassy to onshore chop and back to glass. On the final day, the swell jumped up to head high and glassy, giving finalists ideal conditions.

Local surfers did well in the conditions. South New England came on strong in the Masters Longboard Final, placing three surfers in the top 6 spots. Andrew Marsden was narrowly edged out by New York’s Craig Leider for the title, finishing 2nd. Kevin Roy placed 4th and Scott Sutherland finished 5th. In the Women’s Longboard Final, Sarah Procaccini took 2nd and Charlotte O’Halloran 4th. South New England also placed two surfers in the Open Bodyboard Final, with Pat Redmond 3rd and Peter Pan 6th. In the Open SUP category, Pan took 4th and Stacey McLoughlin 6th.

Jamie Kelly was outstanding in his first regional contest, finishing 3rd in the Men’s and 3rd in the Men’s Longboard events. Kevin Roy returned to the competition scene after almost 20 years, and finished 2nd in the Senior Men’s Final. Ron Belanger was back in full strength after nursing a back injury, taking 2nd in the Grandmaster division. Peter Pan took 4th in both the Legends and Legends Longboard categories, while Maria Barend lost a very close decision, finishing 2nd in the Girls Final.

Charlotte O’Halloran took a 3rd in the Women Final and Peter Pan was awarded the Adult Ironman trophy for his placement in 4 divisional finals.

All of the top finalists will be invited to participate at the 2015 ESA East Coast Surfing Championships, to be held at Jeanette’s Pier, in Nags Head, North Carolina in mid-September. For complete results and photos, go to


While the water and air temperatures were icy cold, the performances were hot, at the 2015 edition of what has now become a New England ritual in local surfing circles. It turned out that Massachusetts Competition Director Chick Frodigh’s initial concern that the surf would all but disappear at high tide, was unfounded. The onshore winds picked up in the early afternoon, pushing in ridable surf right through the tides.

DSC 0055

DSC 0010

Several contests were hotly contested, and offered spectators some exciting surfing. The Masters was one of those. It featured a battle of two ESA veteran competitors, Kevin Roy and Kai Holtbakk. And it came down to probably the best wave of the contest, to decide the outcome. It was tied going into the last five minutes of the heat, when what looked like a perfect left peak popped up on the horizon. Roy had the position, and was paddling into it, when the section backed off. Kai who was positioned on the inside, swung around and grabbed it. Knowing this was the winning wave, Holtbakk worked it into the beach, and taking the title over Roy.

DSC 0024

In the women’s ranks, the tough contest was the Senior Women’s final, which saw two of the ESA’s legendary female riders match each other’s right and lefts to the last minute. Glidden took the heat with the last wave, on a stylish switch foot, edging out Medelise Reifsteck.
2015 ESA Northeast Regionals finalist, Jamie Kelly showed why he rips, as he dominated the Men’s division, carving up several left sections to top Charlie Frodigh for the title. The Boys final was a contest between the ESA’s two top riders, Dylan Holtbakk and Jayden Parry. Dylan’s persistence in finding a ridable peak, paid off when he grabbed a left that put him into the top spot.

DSC 0033

The popularity of stand-up paddleboard surfing was evident, by the expansion of the divisions and elevated quality of riding. The finals were held in onshore winds, making it more difficult for competitors, but providing some exciting wipe-outs for spectators. Local SUP-rider, Bob Fenton edged out Gabe Caitani for the Men’s Under 50 title, while Weir Lundstedt topped the Over 50 division. Area Nantasket female SUP-er, Stacey McLoughlin grabbed the best wave and the win over Sarah Procaccini in the Open Famale division.

DSC 0039
Regionals and East Coast finalist, Pat Redmond continued to reign undefeated, as he “el rollo-ed” his way to an easy victory in the Open Bodyboard final.

DSC 0044

Contestants were treated to an after-party at Daddy’s Beach Club which featured free pizza, prizes, and a great performance from the Dave Foley Band.

DSC 0213

The next scheduled ESA contest will take place at 2nd Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island on July 11th.

Results of the New England Longboard Classic, held in 2-3 foot surf at Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts, on June 7, 2015.

Boys (12 and under)-1.Dylan Holtbakk 2.Jayden Parry 3.Graham Wheelan 4.Max Catrambone 5.Kaleb O’Kane

Girls (12 and under)- 1.Chase Barclay 2.Annabelle Volpe 3.Isabella Milkosky

Junior Men (13-18 years)-1.Pat Cullen 2.Joe Doherty Jr. 3.Dylan Key 4.Conrad Bailey 5.Brett D’Alelo 6.Jack Protenis

Junior Women (13-18 years)-1.Kate Frodigh 2.Allison O’Connor 3.Maggie Canavan 4.Kate McCarthy

Men (19-29 years)-1.Jamie Kelly 2.Charlie Frodigh 3.Jon Corlcum 4.Willie O’Kane 5.Mike Coute

Men (30-39 years)-1.Allan Tambio 2.Joh DiFrisco 3.James Milkosky 4.Derek Kennis

Women (30-39 years)- 1.Sarah Procaccini 2.Katie Ryan 3.Denise Lamb 4.Leigh Gammino

Masters (40-49 years)-1.Kai Holtbakk 2.Kevin Roy 3.Pat Broemond 4.Bob Fenton 5.Rich Catrambam 6.Scott Sutherland 7.Paul Kraus 8.Joe Doherty

Sr. Women (40-49 years)-1.Stacey McLoughlin 2.Rebecca Doran

Senior Men (50-59 years)-1.Ken Merrill 2.Weir Lundstedt 3.Tim Kelly 4.Bill O’Kane 5.Tom Jennings

Senior Women (50-59 years)-1.Sue Glidden 2.Medelise Reifsteck 3.Libby Cote 4.Christine Bonnichon

Legends (60 years and over)-1.Peter Pan 2.Ray Cabral 3.Jim Papadonis 4.John Burns

Women Legends (60 years and over)-1.Kitty Pechet

Men SUP (49 years and under)-1.Bob Fenton 2.Gabe Caitani 3.Ben Yoder 4.Jamie Kelly 5.Pat Broemond 6.Allen Tambio

Men SUP (50 year and over)-1.Weir Lundstedt 2.Jeff Morrison 3. Ray Cabral 4.Peter Pan 5.Mark Caesar 6.Tim Kelly

Women SUP (all ages)-1.Stacey McLoughlin 2.Sarah Procaccini 3.Christine Bonnichon 4.Theresa Kenny

Open Bodyboard (all ages)-1.Pat Redmond 2.Dylan Holtbakk 3.Charlie Frodigh 4.Jamie Kelly 5.Clayton Ives 6.Joe Doherty Jr. 7.Peter Pan


DSC 0075

DSC 0076

DSC 0077

DSC 0098

DSC 0085

DSC 0106

DSC 0169

DSC 0187

DSC 0212

DSC 0222


Kick off the Summer at the 16th Annual New England Longboard Classic Surf Contest!

There will be Divisions for Bodyboarders and Stand-Up Paddleboarders.


Date: Sunday, June 7th
Time: 10 am (come early to get a parking spot)
Place: Nantasket Beach, Hull, Mass. (past the Nantasket Beach Hotel by the brick Bath House)
Price: $25 before June 7; $40 day of contest
Contest entry includes: Tee-shirt to the first 80 entrants

Awards Party at Daddy's Beach Club (the best flatbread pizza on the South Shore)


Live music by The Dave Foley Band. These guys are Awesome and will be ready to play "Pipeline!" Check them out at:

Many of you in the past have asked how you can help--well, here's one way. If you (or someone you know) can donate an item or gift certificate for the Silent Auction table to benefit The Children's Fund (formerly Save the Children), that would be a great help.
Hope you can make it.

Contest Details and an Entry Form below. More info here.

As always, mailing your entry in as soon as possible is a HUGE help (and you'll get a shirt that fits and save money too!).



It was only fitting that after over one month of postponements due to inclement weather, the 47th Annual New England Mid-Winter Surfing Championships was held in below freezing air temperatures, and after an overnight snowfall. Despite that fact that spring had officially begun on the weekend before, the relentless winter weather continued to hamper road travel right up until the morning of the contest. With water temperatures hovering between 33-34 degrees, and the wind howling, competitors felt it was like the middle of January.

The surf finally cooperated, as surfers had their fill of thick, waist to shoulder high slammers that poured into the beach for the duration of the event. With combined heats, the competition made for some interesting contests. Diminutive Braydon Bennett charged to the win in the Menehune-Boys Final, finding two right slides that held up into the shore break. Lily Gartner continued her winning ways in both the long and short board divisions, as she found the best waves in both heats for the titles. Jamie Kelley was all over the fast breaking dumpers, as he worked the short-lived sections to first place in both the Open and Short board finals.

Lily Gartner

Andrew Marsden grabbed the largest waves of the day in both the Senior Men and Master Long board finals, finishing first place in both divisions. Jack Egan managed to negotiate through the close-out sections, topping the Men's Open SUP final. Sara Procaccini had an easy time of it, in the Senior Women's division, and Andrew Nota picked off the best wave of the contest in the Men's Long board Final. He picked off a waist high peeler that backed off and enabled him to get the longest nose ride of the contest.

384Andrew Marsden

The next ESA rated contest is scheduled to take place at First Beach, in Newport, Rhode Island on April 18th. Following that will be the annual ESA Northeast Regional Surf-Offs, which will take place on May 15-17 in Belmar, New Jersey.

Final Results of the 47th Annual New England Mid-Winter Surfing Championships, held in 3-4 foot surf at the Narragansett Town Beach, on March 29th, 2015.

Menehunes-1.Braydon Bennett 2.Noah Gartner

Braydon Bennet

Boys 14 and Under-1.Dylan Holtbakk 2.Jayden Parry

Dylan Holtbakk

Boys 15 and Under-1.Joe Doherty Jr.

Joe Doherty

Girls 14 and Under-1.Annabelle Volpe

Girls 15 and Under-1.Lily Gartner Men-1.Jamie Kelley

Lily Gartner

Masters-1.Chris Herbert

Seniors-1.Andrew Marsden 2.Scott Sutherland 3.Kevin Roy

Legends-1.Mark Preece

Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan 2.Kitty Pechet

Senior Women-1.Sara Procaccini

Menehune Longboard-1.Noah Gartner 2.Dylan Holtbakk 3.Jayden Parry 4.Braydon Bennett

Noah Gartner

Junior Longboard 17 and Under-1.Joe Doherty Jr.

Girls 18 and Under Longboard-1.Lily Gartner 2.Annabelle Volpe

Men Longboard-1.Andrew Nota

Masters Longboard-1.Andrew Marsden 2.Scott Sutherland 3.Kevin Roy

Legends Longboard-1.Mark Preece 2.Peter Pan

Senior Women Longboard-1.Sara Procaccini 2.Kitty Pechet

Men's SUP-1.Jack Egan 2.Mark Preece 3.Peter Pan

Open Bodyboard-1.Peter Pan

Open Shortboard-1.Jamie Kelley 2.Lily Gartner 3.Noah Gartner 4.Jayden Parry 5.Chris Herbert 6.Sean MacDonald 7.Kevin Roy

Jayden Parry


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