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ESA Summer Surf Series 1

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ESA Summer Surf Series Round 1: 2nd Beach Delivers Again

While the rest of the southern New England coastline was calm, Second Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island came through with solid 2-3 foot surf for the opening round of the 4-contest ESA summer series. The top surfers in all divisions will receive big trophies as well as a chance for several hundred dollars in gift prizes at the conclusion of the last event in August. This proved for some highly competitive surfing performances in just about every category.

Holden Soboleski. Photo: Lisa Haase.

When first arriving at the contest site, ESA Competition Director Mario Frade was hesitant to call the event. “Once I saw the sets begin the roll in with the incoming tide,” said Frade, “I knew we were in for a good day of ridable surf.”

There was little doubt as to who the outstanding rider was on this day, as Narragansett’s Jayden Parry breezed through contest with relative ease. He simply caught the best waves in every final, and rode them flawlessly to the beach. Parry took the Open Shortboard, Junior Shortboard, and Junior Longboard in a commanding performance.

Jayden Parry. Photo: Lisa Haase.

There were other great riders in action, with Westerly’s Sophia Martino charging to a win in the Girls Under 16 Shortboard, Junior Women’s Longboard, and taking a solid second place in the highly competitive Open Shortboard final. 9-year old Tiago Freitas picked off two solid right peaks to win the Menehune (12 years old and under) title over Cole Bussey.

Tiago Freitas. Photo: Lisa Haase.

The Boys Under 16 Shortboard final was tough to call, with many outstanding rides. In an amazing turn of events, Mason Sobloleski nailed the probably the best single wave of the tournament, just as the horn blew at the end of the heat. This vaulted him from a 3rd place tie to the title. It was a perfect right peak that reeled off into the shorebreak, overtaking 2nd place Charlie Krause.

Charlie Krause. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Another Narragansett hot shot, Jack Grzebien 360’’ed his way to the win in the Open Bodyboard final, and switched to a long board to finished 2nd in the Boy’s Longboard division. He also placed in another final, finishing 4th in the Boys Under 16 Shortboard event. It was Holden Soboleski who found the long right slides to take that Boy’s Longboard crown, styling his way to the beach.

Jack Grzebien. Photo: Lisa Haase.

In the elder events, Andre Freitas won the Senior Men’s Shortboard and the Master’s Longboard divisions, while Peter Pan took the Grand Legends and Legends Longboard finals.

Andre Freitas. Photo: Lisa Haase.

The action resumes on consecutive weekends in July, when the series is set for the 21st and 28th. The final and deciding event takes place on August 4th. All contests will take place at Second Beach in Middletown. For more information, interested surfers can go to the Eastern Surfing Association South New England Facebook page, or the ESA South New England District website.

Peter Pan. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Final Results of the ESA 2018 Summer Surf Series Round #1, held in 2-3 foot surf at 2nd Beach, in Middletown, Rhode Island on July 7, 2018.

MENEHUNES-1.Tiago Freitas  2.Cole Bussey
BOYS UNDER 16-1.Mason Soboleski  2.Charlie Krause  3.Holden Soboleski  4.Jack Grzebien
GIRLS UNDER 16-1.Sophia Martino
JUNIOR MEN-1.Jayden Parry
SENIOR MEN-1.Andre Freitas
Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan
OPEN SHORTBOARD-1.Jayden Parry  2.Sophia Martino  3.Jack Grzebien  4.Mason Soboleski  5.Tiago Freitas  6.Charlie Krause  7.Cole Bussey
OPEN BODYBOARD-1.Jack Grzebien  2.Tiago Freitas  3.Peter Pan  4 Pat Redmond
Boy’s Longboard-1.Holden Soboleski  2.Jack Grzebien  3.Charlie Krause

Cole Bussey. Photo: Lisa Haase.

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