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19th Annual New England Longboard Classic

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When Massachusetts ESA Competition Director Chick Frodigh pulled up to Nantasket Beach on the contest morning, he contemplated the idea of running a paddling contest rather than a surfing event. “It was high tide and not even breaking,” said Chick. “I brought the buoys for a paddle race, just in case it was hopeless, but things turned around as the tide went out.” Although the swell was only about one foot, with an occasional two-footer, the shallow Nantasket beach sand bars provided just enough energy to push both longboard and SUP competitors to make if competitive. Surfers had to hunt down the rare wave faces, but there certainly were enough of them to make the contest interesting. Surfers traveled from Maine, New Hampshire, Cape Cod, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island, for the event.

IMG 0804
Andrew & Cade Marsden, father & son, share a wave together. Photo: Charlie Frodigh.

Diminutive Jackie Ryan upset the Girls final, as she managed to get pushed into the longest waves of the heat, riding them right to the shore line. She topped her sister, Isabella for the title. Nick Jussaume, a longtime veteran of the event, found the only peak of the heat, working it to the beach for the Junior Men’s crown. The Junior Women Final was probably the closest of all the divisions, with Katie Frodigh beating out Haley Marsden by ½ point on a spinner.

IMG 0778
Katie Frodigh, age 18, doing "The Coffin". Photo: Charlie Frodigh.

With no one in his age group (60+), Peter Pan was placed in the Men’s Open division (19-29). Unfortunately for rest of the finalists, Pan managed to find two of the better formed right breaking waves of the entire contest, easily taking the win. Another ESA veteran rider, Andrew Marsden dominated the Mens 30-39 Age Group, after it turned out he was the only surfer in the 40-49 Age Group. Marsden found several waves breaking outside, and pulled off headstands on each one for the title.
Newcomer Sue Zegarra got to the tip on a bumpy left, and worked it to the beach, to top Rebecca Doran for the Women 40 and Over crown, while veteran ESA champion Katie Ryan crushed it for the Women 30-39 Age Group.

IMG 0807
Photo: Charlie Frodigh.

Competition was fierce in both SUP divisions, where rides were short, and moves were fast, as fins hit the inside shorebreak. Dan Smith topped Ben Yoder for the Youth title, finding one short but ridable left dribbler. Peter Pan pulled off a spinner on a sputtering right wall, to win the Senior SUP crown.

Dave Foley Band
The Dave Foley Band rocks the afterparty at Daddy's Beach Club. Photo: Charlie Frodigh.

The best part of the event is always the after party, and this year was no different. Competitors enjoyed a total of 45 pizzas, and a live performance from the Dave Foley Band at Daddy’s Beach Club, right across from the contest site. Chick made sure everyone got some great prizes for their finals showing and the 19th Annual New England Longboard Classic finished on a positive note.

Girls Under 13 Years 1.Jackie Ryan 2.Isabella Ryan 3.Diana Marsden

Junior Men Under 18 Years 1.Nick Jussaume 2.Cade Marsden 3.Adam Curey 4.Ned Farrington

Women 13-18 Years 1.Katie Frodigh 2.Haley Marsden

Open Men 19-29 Years 1.Peter Pan 2.Charlie Frodigh 3.Ross Lagoy 4.Mike Amenyalare

Women 30-39 Years 1.Katie Ryan 2.Denise Lamb

Men 30-39 Years 1.Andrew Marsden 2.Tyler Lagasse 3.Ben Yoder 4.Jim Milkosky 5.Tom O’Brien

Women 40 and Over 1.Sue Zegarra 2.Rebecca Doran 3.Kitty Pechet

Men 50-59 Years 1.Tim O’Shea 2.Gabriel Cattani 3.Phil Jussame

Open Youth SUP 1.Dan Smith 2.Ben Yoder 3.Bryan Higgins 4.Abby Higgins

Open Senior SUP 1.Peter Pan 2.John McInerney 3.Branch Lane 4.Gabriel Cattani 5.Bill Manning 6.Weir Lundstedt 7.Jack Egan

Open Bodyboard 1.Webb Nichols 2.Pat Redmond 3.Peter Pan

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