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The Luck of the Irish Brings Good Surf

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It seems as if every time the Notre Dame Men’s football team comes to town, the ESA gets good surf. The “Fighting Irish” were lucky to win a 19-16 squeaker over Boston College at Fenway Park, and the ESA was equally as lucky to find a 3-4 foot ghost swell to run the last competition of the season. Call it the luck of the Irish if you will.

Although the surf began to get a bit chopped out by later in the afternoon, the swell held up all day, and gave competitors plenty of opportunity to tear up the makeable lefts and rights.

And the big star of the contest happened to be Beantown’s Jamie Kelly, who is still riding high, following his amazing 4th place finish at the 2015 East Coast Surfing Championships at Cape Hatteras. Jamie ripped up the waist to chest high stuff, just as he did to the 10-15 foot storm surf at the Easterns. And for the record, Kelly is only the second men’s competitor from New England to ever make the Men’s Final at the Easterns. The last time this occurred was in 1978, when Mario Frade finished 7th in what was considered a Pro-Am event.

Jamie Kelly. Photo Lisa Haase.

Jamie busted a nice air off a hollow, shoulder high right, to top an equally shredding Luke Johnson for the Open crown. Andrew Marsden was close behind with some nice left backhanders. Kelly easily won both the Men’s long and short board titles, finishing the day with three wins.

Jamie Kelly. Photo Lisa Haase.

Another hot performer this day, was Noah Gartner, who was whipping around his 9’4” long board like a short board. It was a wild tip ride on a shoulder high right, that locked up the Menehune Long board title over Chase Barclay. Chase went on to win the Girls 13 and Under final with some nice rights, topping Haley Marsden.

Noah Gartner. Photo Lisa Haase.

Andrew Marsden, the district’s top Senior Man, charged to easy wins in both the Senior and Master Long board categories, working both left and right sections in for some high point rides.

Andrew Marsden. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Lily Gartner and Charlotte Robbin battled it out to an unbreakable tie in the Girls 15 and Under final, while Gartner won the Junior Women’s Long board crown and finished 5th in the Open division.

This was the final rated event for the 2015 season. The next ESA contest scheduled is the 48th Annual New England Mid-Winter Surfing Championships, on February 20th, 2016. This event is set for the Narragansett Town Beach, and is the oldest continuing running winter contest held in the world. Competitors can expect special “Ice Man” trophies to be awarded at this year’s contest.

Joe Doherty. Photo: Lisa Haase.

John Coleson. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Luke Johnson. Photo: Lisa Haase.


Final results of the Annual ESA Holiday Surfabout, held in 2-4 foot surf at the Narragansett Town Beach on November 21, 2015.

Menehune-1.Noah Gartner 2.Cade Marsden

Boys 13 and Under-1.James Coleson 2.Kyle Hay

Boys 15 and Under-1.Joe Doherty Jr.

Junior Men-1.Luke Johnson

Men-1.Jamie Kelly

Masters-1.Chris Herbert

Senior Men-1.Andrew Marsden

Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan

Girls 13 and Under-1.Chase Barclay 2.Haley Marsden

Girls 15 and under-1.Lily Gartner and Charlotte Robbin (unable to break tie)

Menehune Longboard-1.Noah Gartner 2.Chase Barclay 3.Cade Marsden 4.Haley Marsden

Junior Women Longboard-1.Lily Gartner

Junior Longboard-1.Joe Doherty Jr.

Men’s Longboard-1.Jamie Kelly

Master Longboard-1.Andrew Marsden 2.Chris Herbert

Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan

Open-1.Jamie Kelly 2.Luke Johnson 3.Andrew Marsden 4.James Coleson 5.Lily Gartner 6.Noah Gartner 7.Kyle Hay

Open Bodyboard-1.Peter Pan

Open SUP-1.Peter Pan

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