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Perfect Surf for Annual Northeast Titles

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Local surfers and ESA officials are still scratching their heads, trying to figure out how the surf could go from totally flat to epic in one day, and then go flat the next morning. This is what occurred this past Saturday, when the Eastern Surfing Association held it’s 41st consecutive Northeast Surfing Championships at the Narragansett Town Beach. “We expected to see some kind of wind swell, said ESA Competition Director Mario Frade, “but we never thought that the waves at the beach would be this perfect. The swell direction and the newly created sandbars made for probably the best shaped waves I have seen all year here.”

Sara Procaccini. Photo Lisa Haase.

The chilly air and water temperatures called for full suits and accessories, but the rubber put no damper on the hot performances in all age groups. Duly noted, however, was the high level of ripping done by the current East Coast Menehune Surfing Champion, Robbie Goodwin. Robbie, who recently returned home from the annual east coast contest, which was held in 15-foot hurricane like conditions, found the perfect town beach surf to his liking. Goodwin easily dominated the event, winning every heat in both his own age group and the Open Shortboard by wide margins. His air-acrobatics had the entire beach in awe, as he dazzled the crowd.

Medelise Reifsteck. Photo Lisa Haase.

Meanwhile, the rest of the youth competitors continued to battle it out, much as they have done all year. Lily Gartner continued to show that she will be a contender at the 2016 ESA Regional Championships, as she topped the Girls, Junior Women Longboard, and finished 7th in the Open Shortboard categories. Page Hedde edged out Sophia Martino in a close contest of the Menehune Girls, while Haley Marsden took the Girls 13 and Under title. One of the closest contests was the Menehune Longboard Final, which featured a duel between Noah Gartner and Page Hedde. Gartner dominated the heat, but Hedde picked off one of the best waves of the entire contest to close the gap. In the end, it was a tie that had to be broken on the 3rd wave, giving Gartner the win.

Kevin Roy. Photo Lisa Haase.

Several veterans were back on the scene after a break from competition. Mike Akers charged to the win in the Masters Final, while Medelise Reifsteck styled her way to the victory in the Senior Women’s Longboard final. One of the most entertaining heats was the Masters Longboard Final, which featured a tight contest between Kevin Roy and Andrew Marsden. Marsden came up with an incredible “Hang Ten” on a solid chest high peeler, and it looked like he had locked up the win. With five minutes left in the heat, Roy grabbed a shoulder high left barrel and blew off some hard cutbacks and flying off-the-lips to beat him out by 2 points at the buzzer.

Andrew Marsden. Photo Lisa Haase.

The next contest is the final rated ESA event of the season, and scheduled to take place at the same town beach on November 21st. This annual Holiday Surfabout has historically had good surf, and ESA officials are hoping for a repeat of last year’s conditions. Sign-ups are from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM, and the entry fee is $35.00.

Luke Johnson. Photo Lisa Haase.

Luke Johnson. Photo Lisa Haase.

Narragansett Surf Shop is offering to outfit any youth competitors who need full suits and accessories for the event, at no charge. Anyone interested can email the ESA or call the surf shop a few days before the contest with the contestant’s height, weight, and foot size.

Robbie Goodwin. Photo Lisa Haase.

Robbie Goodwin. Photo Lisa Haase.

Final Results of the 41st Annual Northeast Surfing Titles, held in perfect 3-6 foot surf at the Narragansett Town Beach, on November 7th, 2015.

Menehune Boys-1.Robbie Goodwin 2.Cade Marsden 3.Noah Gartner 4.Braydon Bennett

Menehune Girls-1.Page Hedde 2.Sophia Martino 3.Phoebe Hedde 4.Chase Barclay

Boys 13 and Under-1.Jayden Parry 2.George Shaver

Boys 15 and Under-1.Joe Hedde 2.Nick Gauvin 3.Joe Doherty Jr. 4.Dylan Holtbakk

Girls 13 and Under-1.Haley Marsden

Girls 15 and Under-1.Lily Gartner 2.Charlotte Robbin

Junior Men-1.Luke Johnson

Men-1.Jordan Brown

Masters-1.Mike Akers 2.Chris Herbert

Senior Men-1.Kai Holtbakk 2.Kevin Roy

Senior Women-1.Sara Procaccini

Grandmasters-1.Claudio Paulino

Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan 2.Kitty Pechet

Menehune Longboard-1.Noah Gartner 2.Page Hedde 3.Sophia Martino 4.Chase Barclay 5.Phoebe Hedde 6.Cade Marsden

Junior Women Longboard-1.Lily Gartner 2.Charlotte Robbin 3.Haley Marsden

Senior Women Longboard-1.Medelise Reifsteck 2.Sara Procaccini

Master Longboard-1.Kevin Roy 2.Andrew Marsden 3.Kai Holtbakk 4.Mike Akers

Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan 2.Claudio Paulino 3.Kitty Pechet

Open Bodyboard-1.Pat Redmond 2.Peter Pan

Menehune Bodyboard-1.Dylan Holtbakk

Open SUP-1.Jack Egan 2.Stacy McLouglin 3.Peter Pan

Open Shortboard-1.Robbie Goodwin 2.Kevin Roy 3.Luke Johnson 4.Andrew Marsden 5.Kai Holtbakk 6.Joe Hedde 7.Lily Gartner 8.Page Hedde 9.Noah Gartner 10.Charlotte Robbin 11.Geordie Shaver 12.Jordan Brown 13.Sophia Martino 14.Dylan Holtbakk

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