How to Perform CPR

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Nearly 90% of all cardiac emergencies occur in the company of loved ones, and three-fourths of the population is unfamiliar with proper CPR techniques. Being prepared for these situations is the difference between life and death for you and those you’re surfing with. Sometimes only a couple of people at a time surf together at odd hours, and emergency services will take time to get to you in the best of circumstances.

You nearly triple the chances of survival for those you love, or even complete strangers in distress, by learning these crucial CPR techniques. Being hit in the head by a surfboard is a real possibility, and can lead to drowning. Additional precautions should take place if the victim has lost consciousness due to drowning. According NCBI, to The Heimlich maneuver should be implemented to clear water from the lungs.

If the victim is standing, then you must stand behind and wrap your arms around the waist. Apply pressure between the rib cage and the navel, using the thumb side of your fist. Then use your other hand to thrust your fist upward quickly until water stops coming out of the mouth.

If the victim is lying down, he or she should be flat on his or her back with head turned so that water is allowed to drain from the mouth. Straddle the victim at the hips, facing him or her. First, place one hand on the abdomen between the navel and the rib cage, then place the other hand atop it. Using your body weight, press with quick upward thrusts until water stops draining from the mouth.

Check out the instructions in the infographic below from to further educate yourself on the proper CPR steps.

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