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2014 Battle of the Beach

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Conrad Ferla should be known as the P.T. Barnum of the New England surf scene, after running one of the biggest and craziest contests of all time, this past weekend at the world famous Narragansett Town Beach. His pre-contest promotion and month long hype brought in both past and present competitors from as far away as California, and the surfing proved to be as good as advertised.

McGovern 140920 010
Katie Zulo, Conrad Ferla, Sara Procaccini. Photo: Joe McGovern.

“The open format made for some interesting heats, as an even mix of oldsters and youngsters advanced through the many rounds,” said ESA Competition Director Mario Frade. “By the time the finals arrived, near dark, the surf picked up, and made for some really good surfing,” said Frade.

McGovern 140920 035
Photo: Joe McGovern.

The most outstanding performance of the day was that of 10-year old Lily Gartner. Determined to surf despite having fractured her arm three days before, she covered the cast in Saran Wrap, and proceeded to charge the surf. Lily blew out the field, taking the Grom Open Longboard over a final heat of boys, and then took a 4th in the Grom Shortboard final as well. “Lily grabbed every single good wave of that longboard final,” said Conrad Ferla, who was watching the action from the sea wall. “The rest of the boys just got the scraps. It was no contest.”

McGovern 140920 472
Photo: Joe McGovern.

The closest final of the day was the Men’s Open Longboard final, which featured a battle of styles. It was a toss-up between the speedy down-the-line moves of Kevin Roy versus the retro-longboard noseriding and trimming of Marcus Rand. A right-handed noseride that pushed through the shorebreak at the buzzer put Rand on top, but only by one point.

McGovern 140920 382
Marcus Rand. Photo: Joe McGovern.

Former Narragansett surfer and snowboarder Mary Rand was in town, visiting her parents, and put on a great performance in the female contests. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington, she is pursuing a career as a professional snowboarder. She displayed great prowess in her other favorite sport, as she found the best waves in the Women’s Open Shortboard final, to edge out Rachael Ryan for the title.

McGovern 140920 680
Photo: Joe McGovern.

ESA veteran Sarah Procaccini put on the moves to top Medelise Reifsteck for the Women’s Open Longboard crown, and Madde Ryan made the trip from Kennebunkport, Maine to win the Grom Open Shortboard division.

McGovern 140920 173
Sarah Procaccini. Photo: Joe McGovern.

It was former top ESA New England All-Star Kevin Roy who continued his great comeback after a 9-year lay-off, tearing up the left peaks to win the Men’s Open Shortboard over ESA’s top Senior Man, Andrew Marsden.

McGovern 140920 001
Photo: Joe McGovern.

The crowd was entertained by the Retro-Shortboard competition, as they watched riders struggle with 1970’s and early 1980’s short boards. In the end, it was Corey Thompson pushing through his single finner over Morgan Gallipeau for the title.

McGovern 140920 002
Photo: Joe McGovern.

McGovern 140920 003
Photo: Joe McGovern.

Many thanks go out the sponsors of this event, including Narragansett Surf and Skate, Chino Surfboards, Hyperflex Wetsuits, Carver Skateboards, Hobie Sunglasses, Famous Wax, Rainbow Sandals, and Gansett Rides.

McGovern 140920 680

The next ESA contest is scheduled for October 18th, at the Narragansett Town Beach. It is the Annual Northeast Surfing Titles, and is on call for October 17th, after 6 PM. The ESA hotline phone number to call is 401-789-1954.

McGovern 140920 348
Photo: Joe McGovern.

Final Results of the 2nd Annual Battle of the Beach, held at the Narragansett Town Beach on September 20, 2014 in 2-3 foot surf.

Grom Open Shortboard- 1.Madde Ryan 2.Dylan Latham 3.Noah Gartner 4.Lily Gartner 5.Nick Gaudreau 6.Charlotte Robbin 7.Jayden Parry 8.Dylan Holtbakk 9.Ryan Wilkinson 10.Joe Doherty 11.Jim Robbin 12.Kai Sorlien

McGovern 140920 004
John "Potter". Photo: Joe McGovern.

Mens Open Shortboard- 1.Kevin Roy 2.Andrew Marsden 3.Marcus Rand 4.Sean McKenzie 5.Allen Santucci 6.John Pariseault 7.John Zito 8.Matt Nota 9.TJ Thran 10.Steve Torrisi 11.Jamie Kelly 12.Sully Brownhill 13.Kai Holtbakk 14.Max O’Connell 15.Corey Thompson 16.Jack Jones 17.Matt Pepe

Women Open Shortboard- 1.Mary Rand 2.Rachael Ryan 3.Katie Zullo 4.Sara Procaccini 5.Rose Huston

Grom Open Longboard- 1.Lilly Gartner 2.Jayden Parry 3.Noah Gartner 4.Jim Robbin 5.Dylan Holtbakk 6.Joe Doherty 7.Dylan Parry 8.Charlotte Robbin 9.Dylan Latham 10.Cade Marsden

Men Open Longboard- 1.Marcus Rand 2.Kevin Roy 3.Morgan Gallipeau 4.Andrew Marsden 5.Matt Nota 6.Kai Holtbakk 7.Andrew Nota 8.Kyle Halavik 9.Jesse Larkin 10.Allen Santucci 11.Corey Thompson 12.Ron Belanger 13.Jon Baylor 14.Steve Torrisi 15.Sully Brownhill 16.TJ Thran 17.Jamie Kelly 18.Jayson May 19.Fred Bessette 20. Chris Holland

Women Open Longboard-1.Sarah Procaccini 2.Medelise Reifsteck 3.Katie Zullo 4.Rose Huston 5.Mary Rand

Retro Shortboard- 1.Corey Thompson 2.Morgan Gallipeau 3.Kyle Halavik 4.Steve Torrisi 5.Lilly Gartner 6.Noah Gartner 7.Matt Nota 8.Sully Brownhill 9.Jayson May 10.Maddie Ryan 11.Chris Holland 12.Allen Santucci 13.Dylan Holtbakk

ESA Divisional Winners

Menehunes-1.Noah Gartner 2.Dylan Holtbakk 3.Jim Robbin Girls- 1.Lily Gartner 2.Charlotte Robbin

Boys- 1.Joe Doherty

Junior Men- 1.Sean McKenzie 2.Ryan Wilkinson

Men- .1Matt Nota 2.Allen Santucci 3.Steve Torrisi

Masters- 1.Andrew Marsden

Senior Men-1.Kevin Roy 2.John Pariseault 3.Kai Holtbakk

Grandmasters- 1.Ron Belanger 2.Claudio Paulino

Legends- 1.Peter Pan

Women- 1.Katie Zullo

Senior Women-1.Sara Procaccini

Menehune Longboard- 1.Lilly Gartner 2.Noah Gartner 3.Jim Robbin 4.Dylan Holtbakk 5. Cade Marsden

Junior Longboard- 1.Sean McKenzie

Men Longboard- 1.Matt Nota 2.Andrew Nota 3.Allen Santucci 4. Steve Torrisi

Master Longboard- 1.Kevin Roy 2.Andrew Marsden 3.Kai Holtbakk 4.Ron Belanger

Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan

Women Longboard-1.Katie Zullo

Senior Women Longboard- 1.Sara Procaccini 2.Medelise Reifsteck

Open SUP-1.Peter Pan

McGovern 140920 006
Photo: Joe McGovern.

McGovern 140920 054
Photo: Joe McGovern.


McGovern 140920 196
Photo: Joe McGovern.

McGovern 140920 203

Photo: Joe McGovern.

McGovern 140920 236
Photo: Joe McGovern.

McGovern 140920 257
Photo: Joe McGovern.

McGovern 140920 382
Photo: Joe McGovern.

McGovern 140920 340
Photo: Joe McGovern.

McGovern 140920 342
Photo: Joe McGovern.


McGovern 140920 415
Photo: Joe McGovern.

McGovern 140920 494
Photo: Joe McGovern.

McGovern 140920 586
Photo: Joe McGovern.

McGovern 140920 608
Photo: Joe McGovern.


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