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Wax BuddyOne day, while scraping his board, Rhode Island surfer Ron DiMauro had to stop because his fingers went numb due to the pressure of the teeth digging into the palm of his hand. He knew there must be a better way. He tried everything from kitchen spatulas to credit cards but nothing did the job right. He decided to stretch beyond his profession as an Architect and devote attention to designing a wax comb that would be faster and more fun to use. .

People told him, it is just a wax comb, don’t waste your time or money on it. But he couldn't stop. He knew that if he could make a better one, surfers would appreciate it. In any case, he wanted one for himself.

The product needed a handle so surfers could grip the comb and get the leverage needed to scrape off the wax. Ron went to the local hardware store and bought a simple putty knife. He used it as his basic design but reshaped it and stiffened it up to make it stronger.

He showed the prototype to his project architects (two of them surfers as well) and they all agreed to “go for it” and try to sell this product to surf shops. They started a company called ENDLESS WAVE and sent out the product, now called WAX BUDDY, to 1000 surf shops in the United States. They asked for honest feedback and received lots of comments on how to make it perfect. The end result was a much beefier, shorter and thicker version. The WAX BUDDY was a vastly improved three in one wax management tool: 1. comb, 2. scraper and 3. rail cleaner.

They sent the new and improved WAX BUDDY back to the 1000 shops and something incredible happened, about 95% of the shops ordered a case on the spot. The shop owners really appreciated that we sincerely listened to their comments. So, it seems fair to say the WAX BUDDY was designed by the entire surfing community with the push from three dedicated surfers from the North East coast who had a dream and would not quit on it.

WAX BUDDY is made of 100% recycled materials.

Go to WaxBuddy.com to learn more.

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