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Shoot the Pier - A true Maine surf story

Brian Goding recently discovered a trove of 8mm film of 1960's surfing and skateboarding in Maine and is now working on a film that combines that historical footage with present day interviews. The project is seeking support via Kickstarter. You can help by donating as little as $1. He's a skillful film maker - check out some of the footage here:

by Brian Goding

This film is about a generation who's story needs to be told. After receiving hours of 8mm footage from one of Maine's first generation surfers (Tom Wiley), it was clear to me that I had to make this film! The film will take us to Old Orchard Beach in the late 60's when there was an explosion of surfing and skateboarding.  It will highlight the lifestyles of the surfers and the scene from that era. I don't want to forget to mention the great waves caught, and hills fearlessly bombed on tiny skateboards, that will be the film's visual goodness! The film will also show where these surfers are now, and how surfing has touched their lives over 4 decades.

I have already connected with a lot of the first generation surfers, and interviewed a few of them. It's really cool to see them light up when they talk about the memories of being some of the first people to surf the coast of Maine.

This film will be the first of its kind in Maine!     


I grew up a ways away from the coast.  In reality it's only an hour and a half drive, but when you don't know you can surf there, it's a long trek.  Most of my youth was spent on a skateboard in Lewiston ME.  Four years ago my friend Josh moveBrian Godingd back to Lewiston from New Orleans and brought a surfboard. (I don't think he surfed in New Orleans)  It was a Becker fun board 7' 3".  Every time I would go to see him I was like, "We should ride that thing."  And he would just dismiss it. 

Josh ended up moving after about a year and while he was packing he had a lawn sale. The Becker was sitting there on the lawn.  Josh says, " Hey you want that board?"   I thought he was pulling my leg, I was stoked!  I brought it home and put it in my garage where it sat for while.  I think I might have brought it to the beach a couple of times that summer.  Then the first time I remember making a real attempt to surf was in Sept 2009.  I gathered up my Under Armor cold gear, strapped the Becker to the roof of my sedan and headed down to Higgins. 

I hear the word "kook" now and I think of myself that day. I got to the beach dressed up in my Under Armor, put shorts over the pants and a t-shirt over the shirt (just to give you an idea of how funny I looked).  I paddled out, caught one wave  (I don't know how I caught it)  then tried to paddle out for a half hour and eventually landed back on shore.  My lips were blue and I was shivering profusely, apparently Under Armor cold gear doesn't really work as a wetsuit.  That was my first experience surfing and despite almost freezing to death I loved it!  I've been doing it ever since.  I actually got a wetsuit and spent a lot of days going to breaks by myself, getting my ass kicked by waves and loving every minute of it.  Now Lewiston has a good size crew of "kooks" just like me, surfing for the fun of it.  What a journey coming from a place where I didn't even think you could surf in Maine, to a place where surfing is one of the biggest parts of my life.  Thank you Josh!



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