Holiday Surfabout

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story by Peter Pan
photos by Joe McGovern


Liam O'Reagan at Surfabout Dec 2011
Liam O'Regan

ESA surfers got an early Christmas present on Saturday December 3rd at the Annual Holiday Surfabout. The final rated contest of the 2011 season was held in solid waist to head high waves, under sunny skies and relatively balmy conditions for the month of December. ESA Competition Director Mario Frade had predicted the surf would be up for the contest, but did not expect the weather to cooperate. “You could actually take off your wetsuit without it icing up,” said Frade. “And we even had some nice, well formed peaks coming through.”

There were some great performances in the contest, but none better than the exhibition of hot surfing from Liam O’Regan. It seems as if he is improving more with each contest, and this was proven without a doubt at this event. Liam managed to position himself on the biggest and best formed waves, and pulled off some great moves, as he locked up the Boys and Menehune Long board titles with ease. The Open Final started out as a close heat, but once O’Regan pulled off a clean 360’ on his third wave, the result was all but decided. That deflated any hopes of Ben Hardy and Corran Moore of catching Liam for the win.

Ellis Kalaidjian got the best inside left of the heat, to top Seamus Kirby for the Junior Men’s title, while Ben Hardy edged out Chris Finn with a big right that sectioned cleanly for the Men’s crown. Amidst a final heat of big close outs, Paul Bennett managed to power through a big bowling left, to top Jose Galvez for the Senior Men’s title.

In the elder categories, it was Claudio Paolino continuing to remain undefeated in the Grand Masters Division, as he found a nice left peak that held up enough to take out 2nd place Tim Cole. Peter Pan grabbed two nice rights off the seawall to sew up the Legends Division short board final.

In the female ranks, it was Mary Aswell styling her way to wins in both the Women’s short board and long board categories, while Mary Walton matched her in the Senior Women’s events. Paul Bennett nailed probably the biggest wave of the tournament in the Master Long board Final, holding on to a hollow overhead left and edging out Tim Cole on that ride. Chris Finn nose rode his way to the win in the Men’s Long board Division, while Peter Pan found two outstanding inside left peaks to top Tim Cunningham in the Legends Longboard Final.

Corran Moore at Surfabout Dec 2011
Corran Moore

Peter Pan at Surfabout Dec 2011
Peter Pan

Paul Bennett at Surfabout Dec 2011
Paul Bennett

Mary Aswell at Surfabout Dec 2011Mary Aswell

Seamus Kirby at Dec 2011 Surfabout
Seamus Kirby

Final Results of the 2011 ESA Holiday Surfabout, held in 3-4 foot surf at the Narragansett Town Beach, on December 3, 2011.  The event was sponsored by Bic Sport North America, and Narragansett Surf and Skate.  

BOYS- 1.Liam O’Regan  2.Skyler Cole  3.Dylan Cole  4.Ryan Wilkenson  5.Corran Moore   JUNIOR MEN-1.Ellis Kalaidjian  2.Seamus Kirby   MEN-1.Ben Hardy  2.Chris Finn  3.Mike Corseri   SENIOR MEN-1.Paul Bennett  2.Jose Galvez  3.Ron Belanger  4.Chuck Barend   GRANDMASTERS-1.Claudio Paolino  2.Tim Cole  3.Tim Cunningham   LEGENDS- 1.Peter Pan  2.Janice Causey   WOMEN-1.Mary Aswell  2.Sara Parker  3.Jessica Force   SENIOR WOMEN-1.Mary Walton  2.Ana Barend   OPEN SHORTBOARD-1.Liam O’Regan  2.Ben Hardy  3.Corran Moore  4.Jose Galvez  5.Chris Finn  6.Ellis Kalaidjian  7.Seamus Kirby   MENEHUNE LONGBOARD-1.Liam O’Regan  2.Skyler Cole  3.Dylan Cole  4.Ryan Wilkenson   MEN LONGBOARD-1.Chris Finn   MASTER LONGBOARD-1.Paul Bennett  2.Tim Cole  3.Chuck Barend  4.Ron Belanger   LEGENDS LONGBOARD-1.Peter Pan  2.Tim Cunningham   WOMEN LONGBOARD-1.Mary Aswell  2.Jessica Force  3.Sara Parker   SENIOR WOMEN LONGBOARD-1.Mary Walton  2.Ana Barend  3.Janice Causey    OPEN BODYBOARD-1.Peter Pan  2.Pat Redmond  3.Ron Belanger


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