Video Review: One Hour Parking

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one hour parking from Michael Sander on Vimeo.

By J.J. Huggins

In One Hour Parking, New Hampshire filmer Michael Sander takes viewers on a cinematic tour of the surf seasons in the Granite State. The guides are mainly local shredders Steve O'Hara, Casey Lockwood and Michael Stanek, and there are guest appearances by Chris Ward, Raven Lundy and others. Sanders' work can rival that of any pro filmer in the surf industry. He shoots in hi-definition and his editing is clean. His shots do justice to New Hampshire's green, barreling gems and to the skills of those who can rip them. The soundtrack is mellow and good. This flick, which took a year to make, costs $20 and can be found at surf shops in New Hampshire. Watch it to get stoked for frosty nuggs this winter.

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