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Conditions could not have been more perfect for the Eastern Surfing Association Newport Summer Surfing Championships that took place this past weekend at Second Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island.

Hurricane Danielle was brushing by the Rhode Island coastline and the contest site was catching the swells at the perfect angle. Solid shoulder to over head peaks poured in throughout the day. "If you could grab one of the larger peaks outside, you could definitely drop into a nice barrel," said ESA Co-Director Ron Belanger. "Competitors were making some great moves on some wide open faces all day long."

Ron Belanger. Photo: McGovern.

There was no doubt that there were some high quality surfing that took place in these ideal conditions. Several hundred spectators watched the surfers getting some epic rides on this cloudless, hot day with water temperatures in the high 70's and virtually no seaweed in the lineup. "The ESA really scored big this weekend," said Second Beach Waterfront Manager John Burnett. "You have perfect surf and the cleanest water I have seen all summer."

The hottest surfing came in the Open Division, which involved the best competitors from all age categories. It was a very close final heat, with Westerly's Ron Belanger trading left barrels with former Peruvian surf star Jose Galvez. With two minutes to go Belanger found a perfect A-Frame left peak and killed it with an insane tube section squeeze through that sealed the title. On the strength of a super sized right, Sara Parker pulled into the 3rd spot as the horn sounded.

Belanger finished off the win with a dramatic water rescue of an 8-year old Fall River youth that had gotten sucked into the strong undertow. Ron paddled over and pulled him onto his surfboard as the child struggled to stay afloat. He then swam in to the beach, pushing him along on his surfboard in front of panicked onlookers. "This is the 5th time this summer I made a save," said Ron. "I always keep my eyes open for trouble out there, especially in rough surf. The lifeguards can't be everywhere, especially when there are tens of thousands of swimmers out there. I am glad to be able to help."

Jose Galvez was not to be denied in this surf, as he powered through some nice sections and blasted several strong "Off the Lips" and "Slice-Backs" to take the Senior Men's title over Belanger. Block Island veteran Jeff Smith grabbed the 3rd spot with a perfect right hand tube ride. Pawcutuck's Mike Akers continued to remain undefeated as he styled to easy wins in both the Men's short and long board division finals. Wakefield's Claudio Paulino charged to another big win in the Grandmaster Final, while Westerly's Jarrett Parker took the Master title with a big left barrel.

In the youth events, it was a big day for 8-year old Matias Galvez who worked the inside sections to win the Menehune title. Narragansett's Sean McKenzie won his first contest as he edged out Gavin Smith for the Boys crown. It was Narragansett's top ranked Junior, Andy Ragosta slicing through some big rights to win the Junior Men's crown with ease.

In the elder categories, Attleboro's Bob Fredette came out of retirement to power his way to a win in the Grand Legends, with Boston's Kitty Pechet finishing in second place. Narragansett's Peter Pan found the perfect right tubes to win both the Legends and Legends Longboard divisions over Pawtucket's Tim Brooks.

Peter Pan. Photo: McGovern.

In the female categories, it was Sara Parker all the way, as she dominated the big peaks in a tune-up for the East Coast Championships. Danielle Kosiorek of Newport was edged out by a determined Courtney Sutherland of Narragansett for the 2nd spot. In the competitive body board events, Chance Hurley found a deep left barrel to seal up the Open Body board title and Gavin Smith continued undefeated in the Menehune division with two great rights.

Sarah Parker. Photo: McGovern.

ESA competitors now prepare for the annual East Coast Surfing Championships, scheduled to take place on September 19th-25th on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The next ESA local rated contest is scheduled to take place on October 16th.

Claudio Paulino. Photo: McGovern.

Final Results of the Annual Newport Open Summer Surfing Championships on August 28, 2010. Menehunes- 1. Matias Galvez Boys- 1.Sean McKenzie 2.Gavin Smith Junior Men- 1.Andrew Ragosta Men- 1.Mike Akers Masters- 1.Jarrett Parker Senior Men- 1.Jose Galvez 2.Ron Belanger 3.Jeff Smith 4.Scott Sutherland Grandmasters- 1.Claudio Paulino Legends- 1.Peter Pan 2.Tim Brooks Grand Legends- 1. Bob Fredette 2.Kitty Pechet Women- 1.Sara Parker 2.Courtney Sutherland Men's Longboard- 1.Mike Akers 2.Jarrett Parker Senior Men's Longboard- 1.Ron Belanger 2.Jose Galvez 3.Jeff Smith 4.Claudio Paulino 5.Scott Sutherland Legends Longboard- 1.Peter Pan 2.Tim Brooks 3.Bob Fredette 4.Kitty Pechet Women's Longboard- 1.Sara Parker 2.Courtney Sutherland 3.Sara Parker Open Division- 1.Ron Belanger 2. Jose Galvez 3.Sara Parker 4. Jarrett Parker 5. Jeff Smith 6. Sean McKenzie 7.Andrew Ragosta Open Bodyboard- 1.Chance Hurley 2.Peter Pan Menehune Bodyboard- 1.Gavin Smith 2.Jayden Smith

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