It turned out to be a typical New England summer surf contest, with oil glass flatness turning into a hard onshore wind swell by the time the first heat paddled out. 2nd Beach in Middletown is one of the few spots that can easily become quite ridable once the winds start to blow. On the incoming tide, consistent sets of up to 3 feet made the waves quite contestable for the duration of the event.

The infamous thick Newport seaweed had a strong presence at this event, as competitors had to go leash-less in order to navigate into the soupy shore break. In between heats, surfers had to hose down and pick off clumps of the red stuff. Some chose to wear full wetsuits to ward off the sea lice that live in the seaweed.

Noah Gartner
McGovern 140816 ESA 052

 The Junior events were again the toughest of the contest, as youngsters battled for area bragging rights. Noah Gartner dominated the Menehune final, as judges gave the hot grom a unanimous first place across the board. Annabelle Volpe has been coming on strong in the past two months, as she finished 2nd in that final, and 2nd in the highly competitive Menehune Longboard division.

Lily Gartner
McGovern 140816 AnnabelleVolpe2

McGovern 140816 AnnabelleVolpe3

Maria Barend tuned up for the up and coming East Coast Championships with smooth and stylish riding in both long and shortboard events. The defending Northeast Regionals Girls Champion found the best waves to take both the Girls and Menehune Longboard final heat.

Maria Barend
McGovern 140816 MariaBarend

McGovern 140816 MariaBarend2

In a close final, Josh Hedde edged out Jayden Parry for the Boys crown, working a perfect right into the shore pound. Ryan Wilkinson cruised to the Junior title with several nice lefts. Newcomer Liz Blanchette placed in two events, winning the Junior Women and taking 5th in the Open final.

Josh Hedde
McGovern 140816 JoshHedde

The women’s surfing was impressive, as local 2nd Beach rider Charlotte O’Halloran charged the small stuff, winning both the Women and Women’s Longboard divisions. ESA veteran performer Sara Procaccini took both the Senior Women’s and Senior Women’s longboard heats.

Dylan Holtbakk
McGovern 140816 ESA 090

In the elder categories, it was another tune-up contest for Andrew Marsden, as he prepares to compete at the East Coast Championships, winning the Masters crown. Ron Belanger got back on track, taking both the Grandmasters and Master Longboard finals with some great backside riding. Peter Pan won three events, taking the Legends, Legends Longboard, and Men’s SUP titles, while Kitty Pechet took the Grand Legends final.

McGovern 140816 ESA 488

Probably the most competitive division at this contest was the Open category, which featured the best surfers from all the ages and disciplines. Andrew Marsden led for almost the entire 20 minutes, until Andrew Nota found the wave of the day, in the form of a perfect right peak that put him into the lead as the horn blew. Lily Gartner floated over some nice foamy sections to take the 3rd spot.

McGovern 140816 ESA 517

Bodyboarders felt the effects of the thick seaweed the most, and at some points in the finals, buried in the red goo. Josh Hedde survived one thick left section to win the Menehune division while Pat Redmond fine tuned his “el-rollos” for the up and coming East Coast Championships, winning the Open division. Stacey McLoughlin continued to dominate the Women SUP category winning on two inside rights.

Annabelle Volpe
McGovern 140816 AnnabelleVolpe

The next ESA competition will take place in Westerly, Rhode Island, at the Westerly Town Beach. This special event is the Annual Grom Fest, for boys and girls in the Junior divisions and under. This event will take place on September 13th. On the following weekend, the Annual Battle of the Beach takes place at the Narragansett Town Beach, with rated competition in all age divisions. For more information, surfers can go the ESA South New England Facebook page, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Page Hedde
McGovern 140816 PageHedde

McGovern 140816 PageHedde1

McGovern 140816 PageHedde2

Final Results of the ESA New England Summer Surf Series – Round #2, held in 2-3 foot surf at 2nd Beach, in Middletown, Rhode Island.

Menehunes-1.Noah Gartner 2.Annabelle Volpe 3.Jim Robbin 4.Mariana Meyer 5.Page Hedde

Boys-1.Josh Hedde 2.Jayden Parry 3.Joe Hedde 4.Dylan Holtbakk

Junior Men-1.Ryan Wilkinson

Masters-1.Andrew Marsden

Grandmasters-1.Ron Belanger 2.Scott Sutherland

Legends-1.Peter Pan

Grand Legends-1.Kitty Pechet

Girls-1.Maria Barend 2.Lily Gartner 3.Charlotte Robbin

Junior Women-1.Elizabeth Blanchette

Women-1.Charlotte O’Halloran

Senior Women-1.Sara Procaccini

Menehune Longboard-1.Maria Barend 2.Annabelle Volpe 3.Lily Gartner 4.Joe Hedde 5.Annabelle Volpe 6.Mariana Meyer 7.Charlotte Robbin 8.Josh Hedde 9.Noah Gartner 10.Jim Robbin 11.Dylan Holtbakk

Men Longboard-1.Andrew Nota 

Master Longboard-1.Ron Belanger 2.Andrew Marsden 3.Scott Sutherland

Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan

Women Longboard-1.Charlotte O’Halloran

Senior Women Longboard-1.Sara Procaccini 2.Kitty Pechet

Open-1.Andy Nota 2.Andrew Marsden 3.Lily Gartner 4.Jim Robbin 5.Elizabeth Blanchette 6.Noah Gartner 7.Charlotte O’Halloran 8.Joe Hedde 9.Charlotte Robbin 10.Josh Hedde 11.Dylan Holtbakk

Menehune Bodyboard-1.Josh Hedde 2.Dylan Holtbakk 3.Noah Gartner

Open Bodyboard-1.Pat Redmond 2.Peter Pan 3.Dave McLaughlin

SUP Men-1.Peter Pan

SUP Women-1.Stacey McLoughlin


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The 2014 ESA Summer Surf Series kick started this past Saturday at 2nd Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island. Local competitors found solid waist to chest high lefts and rights that lasted right through the day. The action was intense in all of the youth divisions as the top youngsters from the surf towns of Narragansett, Newport, Little Compton, Westerly, and Nantasket battled it out for bragging rights.

Noah Gartner
McGovern 140719b ESA SecBch 453a

For the first time ever in district competition, the female competitors outnumbered the males. “It was very encouraging to see all the new up and coming girls who were ripping it up out there,” said ESA Co-Director Ron Belanger. “They were really pushing each other and I judged some very close heats.” It all came down to whom had the best contest strategy. Belanger explained, “If you were patient and waited for the set waves to roll in, you nailed it and got the high scoring rides. If you were impatient, you got the scraps.”

Ed Barend

Leading the charge was 2014 Northeast Regionals Girls Champion Maria Barend, who styled her way to victory in the Girls Final, overtaking 2nd place Lily Gartner on the final wave. The toughest heat was the Menehune Longboard Girls Final. Lily Gartner sat outside and waited for the big set, and she picked off the best-formed right to top Page Hedde in a close final. Hanging outside for the biggest set waves also paid off for Joe Hedde, as he carved up an inside right and a good backside left to edge out Ed Barend. Barend however, found a perfect right peak and glided, trimmed, and nose rode through it to easily win the Menehune Boys Longboard Final over Hedde.

Dylan Holtbakk

Other top area winners included Noah Gartner, who won the Menehune Boys Shortboard, and Page Hedde, who won the Menehune Girls Shortboard. Dylan Holtbakk’s drop knee rides put him in the winner’s circle in the Menehune Bodyboard Final, while Pat Redmond “el-rollo-ed” to the Open Bodyboard title. Dylan Key took the Junior Men’s crown with ease.

McGovern 140719b ESA SecBch 549a

In the women’s categories, Charlotte O’Halloran charged both finals, and won both the Junior Women’s and Junior Women’s Longboard events. It was evident to the judges that she had the place wired, since she surfs there daily. “Charlotte went to the perfect take-off spot for every wave she took, another example of how important local knowledge of the surf break becomes in competition,” noted Belanger after the heat.

Lily Gartner
McGovern 140719b ESA SecBch 554

Ana Barend continued unbeatable in both the Senior Women and Senior Women Longboard categories. Andrew Marsden picked off probably the best right slide of the entire event to win the Master Longboard final in a very close heat with Ron Belanger. Marsden continued his winning streak, taking the Senior Men’s title, while Belanger went on the win the Grandmaster crown.

Noah Gartner
McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 022

In the elder events, Peter Pan sat outside and waited for the quality set waves, as he won three events including the Legends, Legends Longboard, and Open Standup Paddleboard divisions. Round #2 of the summer surf series will continue at this same beach on August 16th.

Josh Hedde

Final Results of the New England Summer Surfing Championships, held at 2nd Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island on July 19th, 2014 in 2-3 foot surf.
Menehune Boys-1.Noah Gartner 2.Cade Marsden
Menehune Girls-1.Page Hedde 2.Ann Volpe 3.Hayley Marsden 4.Phoebe Hedde 5.Mariana Meyer 6.Emma Mirrer
Boys-1.Joe Hedde 2.Ed Barend 3.Josh Hedde 4.Dylan Holtbakk 5.Joe Doherty 6.Jayden Parry
Girls-1.Maria Barend 2.Lily Gartner 3.Charlotte Robbin 4.Alex Mirrer 5.Isabella Martino
Junior Men-1.Dylan Key
Masters-1.Andrew Marsden 2.Scott Sutherland 3.Randy Crane
Grandmasters-1.Ron Belanger
Legends-1.Peter Pan 2.Tim Cunningham
Junior Women-1.Charlotte O’Halloran 2.Kristin Martino
Senior Women-1.Ana Barend 2.Sara Procaccini
Menehune Girls Longboard-1.Lily Gartner 2.Page Hedde 3.Charlotte Robbin 4.Phoebe Hedde 5.Sophia Mirrer 6.Mariana Meyer 7.Ann Volpe 8.Emma Mirrer
Menehune Boys Longboard-1.Ed Barend 2.Joe Hedde 3.Noah Gartner 4.Josh Hedde 5.Joe Doherty 6.Dylan Holtbakk
Master Longboard-1.Andrew Marsden 2.Ron Belanger 3.Scott Sutherland 4.Randy Crane
Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan 2.Tim Cunningham
Junior Women Longboard-1.Charlotte O’Halloran 2.Maria Barend 3.Isabella Martino
Senior Women Longboard-1.Ana Barend 2.Danielle Abruzzi 3.Sara Procaccini 4.Kristin Martino
Menehune Bodyboard-1.Dylan Holtbakk 2.Joe Doherty
Open Bodyboard-1.Pat Redmond 2.Dave McLaughlin 3.Peter Pan
Open SUP-1.Peter Pan

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 029

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 044

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 055

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 058

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 071

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 102

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 127

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 132

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 156

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 228

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 233

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 247

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 257

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 280

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 304

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 341

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 350

McGovern 140719 ESA SecBch 354 - 2014-07-19 at 15-05-32




The surfing community was treated to a rare and fun event this past Saturday, at Fort Adams, in Newport, Rhode Island. The occasion was the annual Surf Fest, sponsored by Rhode Island surf legend, Sid Abruzzi and his Water Brothers Surf Shop. Thousands of spectators came to experience the surf and skate extravaganza, which offered an array of vintage surfboards and skateboards from collectors all over the east coast.

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 188

For the first time at the festival, there was an impressive display of vintage surf vehicles, including convertibles, jeeps, station wagons, and muscle cars that spanned 50 years. South County was well represented with a large display of surfboards and paddleboards by Dave Levy of Levy Surf Designs. The famous Morrisey brother’s collection of long boards, were on display as well. The Morriseys, who live in Wakefield, own one of the greatest collections of long boards on the east coast. Conrad Ferla, also of Wakefield, was on hand with Hyperflex wetsuits and Carver Skateboards. His first edition Simon Anderson Tri-Fin won the Vintage Shortboard category at the show.

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 240

Several senior members of the Surfing Hall of Fame were in attendance, including former East Coast Champion and innovative surfboard builder, Greg Loehr of Cocoa Beach. Another champion, Mike Tabeling, also of Cocoa Beach fame, drove from the coastline of Mexico, to be at the surf fest. Former World Champion Peter Townsend of Australia was seen making the rounds as well. Surfing pioneer Howie “Goldie” Goldsmith of Wakefield was also walking the show. Goldie was one of the first and largest manufacturer of “pop-out” surfboards on the east coast, and major promoter of New England surfing events in the early 1960’s.

McGovern 140712 Goldie

There was an outstanding array of top east and west coast skateboarders at this year’s affair, and they entertained the crowd in an 8-hour skate jam that had not been seen in Rhode Island in over a decade. While no one was declared a winner, local riders dominated. Former world champion skateboarder Tony Alva held court next to the ramp, along with local Fall River champion Fred Smith. Alva was once voted the top skater, in the world by Skateboarder Magazine, at the height of the sport’s popularity. Smith is probably the most famous skateboarder to ever come out of New England. This champion pool rider’s skateboard deck outsold any other model of any brand for almost one year, at the height of his dominance. He was known world wide for his wild antics both on and off the ramp.

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 313a

Festivities raged long into the night, as the DJ spun his tunes, surf and skate goods were sold, and everyone got to touch and pick up the vintage surfboards and skateboards. The event went so well at this new location, that Sid promised that it would happen here again, next year.

McGovern 140712 Line

McGovern 140712 PanLoehr

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIVb 469

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIVb 489

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIVb 492

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 018

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 029

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 030

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 031

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 033

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 065

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 072

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 076

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 078

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 077

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 102

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 119

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 150

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 163

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 166

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 324

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 358

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 361

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 366

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 374

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 378

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 382

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 386

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 393

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 406

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 408

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 412

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 422

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 425

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 436

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 438

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 442

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 449

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 452

McGovern 140712 SurfFestIV 459



The ESA has just released information as well as the entry forms for the ESA’s 2014 Eastern Surfing Championships® (aka 2014 EASTERNS®). The competition dates are listed as: September 14-20, 2014.

More information, entry forms, and regional rankings can be found here:



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