When Massachusetts ESA Competition Director Chick Frodigh pulled up to Nantasket Beach on the contest morning, he contemplated the idea of running a paddling contest rather than a surfing event. “It was high tide and not even breaking,” said Chick. “I brought the buoys for a paddle race, just in case it was hopeless, but things turned around as the tide went out.” Although the swell was only about one foot, with an occasional two-footer, the shallow Nantasket beach sand bars provided just enough energy to push both longboard and SUP competitors to make if competitive. Surfers had to hunt down the rare wave faces, but there certainly were enough of them to make the contest interesting. Surfers traveled from Maine, New Hampshire, Cape Cod, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island, for the event.

IMG 0804
Andrew & Cade Marsden, father & son, share a wave together. Photo: Charlie Frodigh.

Diminutive Jackie Ryan upset the Girls final, as she managed to get pushed into the longest waves of the heat, riding them right to the shore line. She topped her sister, Isabella for the title. Nick Jussaume, a longtime veteran of the event, found the only peak of the heat, working it to the beach for the Junior Men’s crown. The Junior Women Final was probably the closest of all the divisions, with Katie Frodigh beating out Haley Marsden by ½ point on a spinner.

IMG 0778
Katie Frodigh, age 18, doing "The Coffin". Photo: Charlie Frodigh.

With no one in his age group (60+), Peter Pan was placed in the Men’s Open division (19-29). Unfortunately for rest of the finalists, Pan managed to find two of the better formed right breaking waves of the entire contest, easily taking the win. Another ESA veteran rider, Andrew Marsden dominated the Mens 30-39 Age Group, after it turned out he was the only surfer in the 40-49 Age Group. Marsden found several waves breaking outside, and pulled off headstands on each one for the title.
Newcomer Sue Zegarra got to the tip on a bumpy left, and worked it to the beach, to top Rebecca Doran for the Women 40 and Over crown, while veteran ESA champion Katie Ryan crushed it for the Women 30-39 Age Group.

IMG 0807
Photo: Charlie Frodigh.

Competition was fierce in both SUP divisions, where rides were short, and moves were fast, as fins hit the inside shorebreak. Dan Smith topped Ben Yoder for the Youth title, finding one short but ridable left dribbler. Peter Pan pulled off a spinner on a sputtering right wall, to win the Senior SUP crown.

Dave Foley Band
The Dave Foley Band rocks the afterparty at Daddy's Beach Club. Photo: Charlie Frodigh.

The best part of the event is always the after party, and this year was no different. Competitors enjoyed a total of 45 pizzas, and a live performance from the Dave Foley Band at Daddy’s Beach Club, right across from the contest site. Chick made sure everyone got some great prizes for their finals showing and the 19th Annual New England Longboard Classic finished on a positive note.

Girls Under 13 Years 1.Jackie Ryan 2.Isabella Ryan 3.Diana Marsden

Junior Men Under 18 Years 1.Nick Jussaume 2.Cade Marsden 3.Adam Curey 4.Ned Farrington

Women 13-18 Years 1.Katie Frodigh 2.Haley Marsden

Open Men 19-29 Years 1.Peter Pan 2.Charlie Frodigh 3.Ross Lagoy 4.Mike Amenyalare

Women 30-39 Years 1.Katie Ryan 2.Denise Lamb

Men 30-39 Years 1.Andrew Marsden 2.Tyler Lagasse 3.Ben Yoder 4.Jim Milkosky 5.Tom O’Brien

Women 40 and Over 1.Sue Zegarra 2.Rebecca Doran 3.Kitty Pechet

Men 50-59 Years 1.Tim O’Shea 2.Gabriel Cattani 3.Phil Jussame

Open Youth SUP 1.Dan Smith 2.Ben Yoder 3.Bryan Higgins 4.Abby Higgins

Open Senior SUP 1.Peter Pan 2.John McInerney 3.Branch Lane 4.Gabriel Cattani 5.Bill Manning 6.Weir Lundstedt 7.Jack Egan

Open Bodyboard 1.Webb Nichols 2.Pat Redmond 3.Peter Pan


After four weeks of flat conditions and postponements, the longest running winter surfing contest in the world was held this past weekend. Although a brisk sea breeze put some serious chop on the wave faces, the surf was more than adequate at the Narragansett Town Beach for the event.

Peter Pan. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Although it is officially Spring, ESA contestants would argue that point, as chilling southwest winds kept the air temperatures in the mid-30’s for most of the day. “It was nice to finally get it over with,” said ESA Competition Director Mario Frade. “We have had great surf for four straight weeks, but unfortunately it was in the middle of the week. We finally got a bump on the weekend.”

As a special 50th Anniversary treat for the contestants, Hyperflex Wetsuits and Narragansett Surf and Skate sponsored the event, with 6mm winter Oven Mitts as the prizes. The turnout was good, as competitors worked on their skills for the up and coming 2018 Northeast Regional Surf-Offs in New Jersey.

Page Hedde. Photo: Lisa Haase.

The solid 2-3 foot swell held for the entire event, but navigating through long close-out sections made it difficult for those unfamiliar with the uneven sand bars. Locals had little problem finding those elusive sections. The toughest competition came in the Girls Under 16 division, especially in the Short board final, where Matunuck’s Page Hedde topped Ella Fontenot with two solid rights that peeled off in long makeable sections.  Phoebe Hedde won the Girls Under 14 Short board final with a great left hander into the shore break.

Ella Fontenot. Photo: Lisa Haase.

New England’s #1 female long boarder, Sophia Martino rode both lefts and rights with style, cruising to the win in the Girls Longboard Final. She managed to float over several sections on one long right, to top Page Hedde for the title.

New England’s top men’s competitor, Jamie Kelley of Boston, continued to dominate in all categories, as he found the best waves in every final, and worked in all the moves to get the high scores. Kelley took three events, winning the Open Short board, Men’s Short board, and Men’s Long board divisions.

Narragansett’s Jayden Parry was a double winner, picking off ridable sections in the shore break to win both the Junior Short board and Junior Long board events. Dillon Moran was equally adept, styling through both lefts and rights to win the Menehune Longboard and Boys Under 14 Short board crowns.

Jayden Parry. Photo: Lisa Haase.

The Outstanding Performance Award went to New York’s Colin Walker, who left his Manhattan apartment before dawn, to make the drive, in time to win the Masters and Masters Longboard divisions. Other double winners included Ron Belanger, in the Legends and Legends Longboard categories, and Peter Pan, in the Grand Legends and Grand Legends Longboard divisions.

Jack Egan. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Jack Egan won his first Stand-up Paddleboard Open title for the season, while Kitty Pechet took the Senior Women’s Longboard crown.

The second ESA rated event of the season is scheduled for April 28th at First Beach in Newport. For more information, surfers can go to the ESA South New England Facebook page.

Ray Way. Photo: Lisa Haase.

FINAL RESULTS OF THE 50TH ANNUAL NEW ENGLAND MID-WINTER SURFING CHAMPIONSHIPS held in 2-3 foot surf at the Narragansett Town Beach, Rhode Island on March 31, 2018.


BOYS UNDER 14 SHORT BOARD—1.Dillon Moran  

GIRLS UNDER 16 SHORT BOARD-1.Page Hedde  2.Ella Fortenot  3.Sophia Martino  4.Kaeley O’Connell  

BOYS UNDER 16 SHORT BOARD-1.Noah Gartner  

JUNIOR MEN-1.Jayden Parry   MEN-1.Jamie Kelley  

MASTERS-1.Colin Walker  2.Aurelien Bouche-Pillon  

SENIOR MEN-1.Ray Way  

LEGENDS-1.Ron Belanger  2.Jack Egan  

GRAND LEGENDS-1.Peter Pan  2.Kitty Pechet  

GIRLS LONGBOARD-1.Sophia Martino  2.Page Hedde  3.Ella Fontenot  4.Phoebe Hedde  


MEN LONGBOARD-1.Jamie Kelley  

MASTERS LONGBOARD-1.Colin Walker  2.Aurelien Bouche-Pillon 

LEGENDS LONGBOARD-1.Ron Belanger  2.Jack Egan  

GRAND LEGENDS LONGBOARD-1.Peter Pan  2.Kitty Pechet  

SUP OPEN-1.Jack Egan  2.Peter Pan  


OPEN SHORT BOARD-1.Jamie Kelley  2.Sophia Martino  3.Ella Fontenot  4.Jayden Parry  5.Colin Walker  6.Kaeley O’Connell


It was only right that the best waves of the entire contest season came during the last contest of the year, this past Sunday at the Narragansett Town Beach. With ESA officials planning on the surf going from completely flat to epic overhead in a matter of hours, the 2017 Holiday Surfabout was slipped into the water from noon to dark. “If you grabbed a good one, it was an awesome ride,”said ESA Competition Director Mario Frade. “But on many of the big sets, the winds, which were howling up to 45 and 50 knots, hung up a lot of competitors.” This of course, produced some wild and exciting wide-outs, at least from the spectator stand point.

Luke Johnson. Photo: Lisa Haase.

The quality surf produced some top-grade surfing, and none better to shine in the conditions was two-time East Coast Men’s Championship finalist, Jamie Kelly. The judges could not decide which ride gave him the “Hottest Wave of the Contest” award, because both outstanding overhead barrels that he picked off in both the Open Short Board and Men’s Longboard Finals were scored perfect 10’s by the panel. The long board ride was definitely a longer distance, with more time in the tunnel, as he took off just in front of the contest area, and ended it past the south beach pavilion. Former Senior Men’s Northeast Champion, Ron Belanger returned from Florida for good, moving back to Westerly, Rhode Island, and easily winning his short board division, and coming in a close 2nd to Kelly in the Open Short Board Final with some dynamic left tubes.

Jamie Kelly. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Dylan Holtbakk had one of his best performances in the past two years, as he topped a tough heat of Junior Men, tucking into two fine inside left peaks that reeled off into the shore break. Dylan Moran continued to charge the big surf, winning the Junior Longboard Final with a nice tip ride.

Dylan Holtbakk. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Another double winner was Sophia Martino, as she hunted down the inside waves that held up for her in both the Girls Under 14 Final and the Menehune Longboard Final.
Nantucket’s top surfer, Luke Johnson, showed how good he was to the mainlanders,
taking the ferry over in the morning to crush the Men’s Final, with a wicked right overhead peak that shot him out and put him into the winner’s circle. He also finished 2nd in the Men’s Longboard and 3rd in the Open Short Board finals for a great day in the water.
Andrew Marsden was another comeback rider, who returned to competition after a two-year hiatus, and found two long right barrels to win the Master’s Longboard crown. Dylan Moran continued to dominate the Menehune ranks, as he won his 3rd straight title.

Sophia Martino. Photo: Lisa Haase.

ESA Co-Director Bill Parry noted at the end of the event that several very close divisional titles would be decided by only a few points, once he added up the day’s scores. “This is the closest contests we have seen in several years, because the caliber of the ESA competition has greatly improved. There are a lot of very good surfers coming to the ESA contests, and they all want to win their divisions. It is a huge advantage once they get to the regional championships and the seeding begins.”

Page Hedde. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Although the 2017 ESA contest season has concluded, it won’t be long until the 2018 season kicks in. The 50th Annual New England Mid-Winter Championships is scheduled for February 17th at the Narragansett Town Beach. This event is the oldest continuous running winter surfing contest in the world, and special prizes are planned for this year’ participants. For more information, surfers can go to the ESA SNE website or Facebook page.

FINAL RESULTS OF THE 2018 ESA HOLIDAY SURFABOUT, held at the Narragansett Town Beach on November 19th, 2017, in solid 4-7 foot surf.

MENEHUNES-1.Dylan Moran

BOYS UNDER 16-1.Dylan Holtbakk
2.Jayden Parry
3.Ian Lucht
4.Graham Ray

GIRLS UNDER 14-1.Sophia Martino
2.Page Hedde

MEN-1.Luke Johnson
2.Jamie Kelly

SENIOR MEN-1.Ron Belanger
2.Kai Holtbakk

Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan

2.Page Hedde
3.Dylan Moran

2.Jayden Parry
3.Graham Ray

2.Luke Johnson

2.Kai Holtbakk
3.Ron Belanger


2.Ron Belanger
3.Luke Johnson
4.Jayden Parry
5.Page Hedde
6.Graham Ray
7.Dylan Moran
8.Sophia Martino
9.Kai Holtbakk
10.Ian Lucht
11.Dylan Holtbakk

Page Hedde. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Page Hedde. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Luke Johnson. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Kai Holtbakk. Photo: Lisa Haase.


How often do you get to enjoy perfect August summer beach weather at the end of October in New England? With that thought in mind, the Eastern Surfing Association Competition Committee did not think twice about running the Annual Northeast Titles, this past Saturday at the Narragansett Town Beach. “It was just big enough to surf, and you could lay on the beach in your bathing suit and get a tan between heats,” said Competition Director Mario Frade. “Next weekend, we could have freezing rain and snow flurries.” (Fact remains that we did have a Halloween blizzard not too many years ago in Rhode Island).

thumb DSC 0084 1024-2
Page Hedde. Photo Lisa Haase.

Competitors found a solid 1-3 foot swell that lasted most of the day, and made for some interesting individual contests. Jayden Parry enjoys surfing the town beach. He is out there regardless of conditions. While others were seeking perfect point break waves during the recent string of hurricane swells, Parry was out battling the close-outs at the beach. This familiarity with the break prove to be a great advantage, as he won three titles, including the always tough Open Shortboard division.

thumb DSC 0227 1024
Jayden Parry. Photo Lisa Haase.

This event featured the best surfing of the day, with New England’s top Men’s competitor and East Coast Championship two-time finalist Jamie Kelley matching Parry wave for wave. It came down to one ride that put Jayden in the winner’s circle, as he pushed his board backside into a small inside section that went the distance into the beach. It was the only wave of the heat that held up from the outside sand bar, and Parry got it. Kelley finished a close second, followed by Page Hedde, who was picking off the rights on the other side of the contest area.

thumb DSC 0263 1024
Jamie Kelley. Photo Lisa Haase.

The other division that deserved mention was the Menehune Longboard Final, that found top ranked divisional leader, Sophia Martino, taking two long left slides backside and across the inside sandbars to top Page Hedde and the win. Page’s sister, Phoebe has been coming on strong at recent events, and put on a strong performance to take 3rd place.

thumb DSC 0343 1024-2
Page Hedde. Photo Lisa Haase.

Dylan Moran dominated the Menehune Shortboard final, taking a commanding lead in the first two minutes on a fast-breaking right peak, and never looking back. In the end, Moran was the unanimous choice for the title, by the entire judging panel.
Double winners included Ella Fontenot in the Junior Women’s Longboard and Girls Under 16 Shortboard, and Jamie Kelley in the Men’s and Men’s Longboard. Dylan Moran took the Menehune and SUP crowns. Jayden Parry took two other titles, the Junior Men’s Shortboard and Junior Men’s Longboard, adding to the Open crown.

thumb DSC 0290 1024
Dylan Moran. Photo Lisa Haase.

The last ESA contest of the 2017 season is scheduled for November 18th at the Narragansett Town Beach. Both competitors and officials are hoping for the same weather conditions. Interested surfers can check out contest information on the ESA South New England Facebook page.

thumb DSC 0155 1024
Ella Fortenot. Photo Lisa Haase.

Final Results of the Annual Northeast Championships held at the Narragansett Town Beach in 1-3 surf on October 21, 2017.

2.Phoebe Hedde
3.Gabe Donegan
4.Luke Miele

2.Sophia Martino



2.Graham Ray



2.Page Hedde
3.Phoebe Hedde
4.Dylan Moran
5.Gabe Donegan
6.Cal Gibson

2.Graham Ray


MEN LONGBOARD-1.Jamie Kelley

OPEN SUP-1.Dylan Moran
2.Peter Pan


2.Jamie Kelley
3.Page Hedde
4.Dylan Moran
5.Sophia Martino
6.Phoebe Hedde

thumb DSC 0192 1024
Luke Miele. Photo Lisa Haase.

thumb DSC 0310 1024
Phoebe Hedde. Photo Lisa Haase.

thumb DSC 0026 1024
Gabe Donegan. Photo Lisa Haase.



It was a perfect combination of great waves, perfect beach weather, and outstanding surfing performances. That is the best way to describe the 6th Annual “Battle of the Beach,” held at Matunuck Point, on September 23rd, 2017. Contest organizer and director, Conrad Ferla outdid himself this year, amassing thousands of dollars in prize merchandise, including a stash of new surfboards. The spoils were evenly distributed among the top 4 finalists in each division.

thumb DSC 0814 1024
Unidentified from Final. Photo: Lisa Haase.

“We had a tremendous turnout this year,” said Ferla. “More entries and more prizes,” he continued. “The lure of the big money prizes does it every time.” Ferla, whose grandfather owned and operated the world famous Rocky Point Park in Warwick, is no stranger to working the crowds, and hustling to get things done right. This contest was his most successful venue thus far. With live music, good food and drink, courtesy of the Ocean Mist Bar and Grille, the throngs of spectators enjoyed a great show.
The contest was intense, with 41 heats that ran from 9 AM to 7 PM, and up to 8 contestants in each heat. The good thing was that there were plenty of waves to be had, thanks to swells from Hurricane Jose and Maria.

thumb DSC 0913 1024
Photo: Lisa Haase.

Competitors could spread out among the perfect chest to shoulder high peaks at the point, the inside reef, and the “Mary’s Bar” break closest to the judges stand. Surfers from as far away as Florida and Canada came to compete, hoping to bring home some of the big prizes.

In the end, after numerous rounds of quarter finals, semi-finals, and finals, it was veteran competitors of the Eastern Surfing Association that dominated in almost every division. Braydon Bennett had been riding Matunuck Point all week, tuning up for the event. He picked off the two best peaks of the final, to top another ESA ripper, Northeast Regionals finalist Sophia Martino, for the Grom Shortboard title.

thumb DSC 0867 1024
Photo: Lisa Haase.

Noah Gartner rode the tip on a screaming left inside wall that reeled off into the inner sandbar, to top a determined Page Hedde in the Grom Longboard Final. Hedde did catch the biggest wave of the final heat, but could not find another high point ride to catch Noah.

thumb DSC 0713 1024
Maria Barend. Photo: Lisa Haase.

The big winner of the event, and outstanding surfer of the contest, was double winner, Maria Barend. Barend, and ESA All-Star and 2016 East Coast Girls Champion, wowed the crowds with her smooth surfing and fluid cutbacks on her favorite kinds of waves. She feasts on left point breaks and showed up the field by winning both the Open Twin Fin division and the Ladies Open Longboard finals.

The closest competition for her was her mother, Ana (7-time Ladies East Coast ESA Champion), who charged the lefts in the Ladies Longboard final, but could not catch her daughter in last few minutes of the final. “I guess I taught Maria well,” chuckled Ana, when they announced the results.

thumb DSC 0240 1024
Matt Nota. Photo: Lisa Haase.

Maria wasn’t finished yet, as she nearly won her third title of the day, in the toughest division of all, the Open Shortboard. This was a tight final, with ESA South New England All-Star Josh Hedde and Barend trading perfect lefts on the outside point. Both goofy footers were tied on points until Hedde picked off a slightly overhead set wave and made the inside section that bowled up. Maria could not find a matching wave as time ran out, and Josh grabbed the title.
In the Men’s Longboard Final, it was another close call, as James Contreras edged out Matt Nota for the win on a great nose ride at “Mary’s Bar.”

thumb DSC 0249 1024
James Contreras. Photo: Lisa Haase.

The last heat went out at dusk and finished in the dark. “I guess we will have to start earlier next year,” said Ferla.

thumb DSC 0320 1024
Photo: Lisa Haase.

The next ESA rated contest scheduled is the Annual Northeast Championships, at the Narragansett Town Beach on October 21st. Interested surfers can find out more information by going to the ESA South New England Facebook page.
Final Results of the 6th Annual “Battle of the Beach,” held in perfect waist to shoulder high waves at Matunuck Point on September 23rd, 2017.

thumb DSC 0804 1024-2|
Ana Barend. Photo: Lisa Haase.

GROM SHORT FINAL-1.Braydon Bennett
2.Sophia Martino
3.Kai Sorlien
4.Page Hedde
5.Justin Parilla
6.Reuben Siegel
7.Chris Synott
8.Max Cute

GROM LONG FINAL-1.Noah Gartner
2.Page Hedde
3.Jake Carbone
4.Jim Robbin
5.Sophia Martino
6.Bodhi Parks
7.Pat O’Hara
8.Ian Lupoli

2.Ana Barend
3.Lily Gartner
4.Kate Imswiler
5.Medelise Reifsteck
6.Chrissy Bee
7.Rachel McCarty
8.Jessie Vandenberg

MEN LONG FINAL-1.James Contreras
2.Matt Nota
3.Kevin Langevin
4.Joe Hedde Jr.
5.Jeff Matucci
6.Ryan Furay
7.Derek Lodico
8.Paul Bennett

2.Maria Barend
3.Jack Jones
4.Ed Traniello
5.Joe Hedde Jr.
6.Jamie Kelley
7.Ana Barend
8.Dylan Latham

TWIN FIN FINAL-1.Maria Barend
2.Allen Santucci
3.Scott Hayward
4.Jamie Kelley
5.Ryan Furay
6.Josh Hedde
7.James Contreras
8.Leah McGlynn


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